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Reflecting on 50 Years

Reflecting on 50 Years

Dear Ohio Insurance Community,

As we celebrate Ohio Insurance Institute’s 50 year anniversary, it is important to reflect on the legacy of our past and celebrate the innovation to come in our future. Over my years with OII dating back to 1988, I have seen the impact our organization has made on the property and casualty insurance industry in Ohio.

Over the years we have made great strides in the three areas we represent – legislative and regulatory affairs, education and workforce development, and public information.

In regards to our legislative and regulatory affairs, we take input from all the groups that might be affected. Our governing process works well and engages others. We have insurance boards and agents’ associations as members and they’re a part of the process. We try to listen to all sides of every issue, and that’s played a big part in our success over the years.

Our members have been, and continue to be fierce competitors. However, they get together in a room and agree on a path, a policy or statement for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Our education and workforce development efforts have evolved over time. The OII has had an insurance curriculum for many years, used by high school teachers to include the basics of insurance as part of financial literacy education.

Because of the graying of the industry, our workforce development initiative has taken on increased importance in recent years. We have added educational resources informing students or career changers about the many opportunities in insurance industry careers, as well as helped in the creation of insurance-specific certificate programs and college/university insurance degree programs at ten higher education institutions in Ohio. No such programs existed in 2011.

Since the beginning, we have provided public information as a key resource for consumers to use to understand how insurance works and how it impacts their daily lives. From snow safety in the wintertime, and lightening and tornado safety in the spring, we provide information to bring to light every day safety risks. Our belief is that it is important for people to understand their insurance product and how it works.

We thank our members, educators, and public for your continued support. Members who partner with us by contributing their time, expertise, and guidance over the years, have been and will continue to be the key to our continued success.

We look forward to many years to come, living our mission – to act as the Ohio property and casualty insurance industry’s voice on matters affecting or involving the industry.


Dean Fadel
Ohio Insurance Institute

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